Device Pathway to Virtualization
Device Concept
Simulated firmware
Emulated firmware
Emulated firmware
        2Virt device framework has the advantage of easily migrating devices from one platform to another. To prove this all we had to do to the USB-Char device implemented in the Simulated firmware section was to replace the firmware with the serial USB-Convertor found in the Qemu emulator, handling the EHCI USB controller emulation for the HVM Vista guest running over Xen. Basically all a 2Virt platform implementator had to do was:
  1. replace the simulated DSF firmware with a Qemu Monitor command: usb_add serial:vendorid=02a0, productid=a123 :tcp:localhost:8080 , where the last is the char device connection to a Web Server found on the priviledged domain localhost interface
  3. Provide to the guest HVM file system the usb2virt.sys driver with no modification
  4. Install the sample Box2Virt .Net application for communicating with the device

This setup demonstrates how a 2Virt platform implementator can use such a device to connect to a restricted domain without using any real Ethernet component, only shared memory components between guests(Domain0 and DomainU) and between userspace applications in the priviledged Domain0.

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